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Zhongshan City Kinglong Lighting Factory Co., Ltd.

Premier design house and manufacturer of decorative lighting fixtures in China

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    8 Jinhua Rd., Shalang, West District, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Kinglong Lighting is a leading design house and manufacturer of decorative lighting fixtures in China. The company carries a beatiful array of interior lighting products that include pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps. Founded in 1993, Kinglong Lighting today has a robust infrastructure of design capacities, engineering capabilities, manufacturing facilities, and project management skills. The company operates its vast integrated facilities that cover an area of 200,000 square meters and hires a workforce of over 1,800 employees with 400+ of them are engaged in research, design, development, engineering, marketing, and operation management. Through its unwavering desire to be an industry leader, Kinglong Lighting has grown to be a premier supplier of creatively designed, value engineered and cost-effectively manufactured high-end light fixtures.

Kinglong Lighting pursues a multi-brand strategy with its sales activities structured in three channels including the domestic end customer business, overseas sales business, and the professional project business. Its products are marketed under the Kinglong, Kingyatt, Moollona, Moremer, and Aoslu brandnames. Kinglong's multi-brand strategy means it can offer customers an extensive portfolio of interior light fixtures with clear brand recognition for each product line which is grouped on their distinct styles. The Kinglong family blends traditional and contemporary design elements and delivers a modern interpretation of the classic European aesthetics. The Kingyatt collection features vintage elements with its traditional styling and use of decorative big bead drops for a fanciful touch to this stately design. The Moollona range is designed to make a declarative and sparkling statement in any room with its elegant silhouettes enhanced by dazzling crystal pieces and gorgeous glass arts. The Moremer series comes with vintage-inspired silhouettes that conveys simple refinement with flair. Fixtures in the Aoslu family use crystal beads to elevate the tailored look and create a clean classic statement sure to become the focal point of in any space.

Kinglong Lighting has an outstanding reputation for design inspiration and redefined aesthetics. The company defines its aesthetic gene as the logical consequence of extract fascinating inspiration elements from different cultures, histories and the natural world. Kinglong works collaboratively with leading architects and interior designers to develop new and exclusive interpretations of their inspirations. Through exceptional collaboration with world's most creative lighting designers e.g. Gunter, Marc Gabarra, Chiara Di Vincenzo, Alessandro Cardniato, and Pietro Melon, Kinglong Lighting merges inspirational designs, vintage silhouettes with avant-garde sensibility, resulting in modern classics that complement a variety of decor.

The vertically integrated manufacturing facility that includes in-house design, engineering and manufacturing departments allow Kinglong to provide meticulous craftsmanship and complete control over the processes with exceptional customization competence. In addition to production strength, superior consistency in maintaining a high quality standards has long been a hallmark of Kinglong Lighting. From raw materials inspection, in-process components test, finished product testing, Kinglong's fixtures are exclusively engineered and manufactured to meet all international standards.
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